Writing Tips

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I am a perpetual apprentice to the oft neglected and under appreciated art of writing well.  Words, either written or spoken, are the most powerful means of communication we have.  While images, animations, sounds, and music certainly have the ability to capture our attention and engage us, words are needed to persuade, instruct, and argue.

As Roy Jacobsen wrote on his blog, Writing, Clear and Simple:

The words you use, either written or spoken, can have powerful effects on your audience‚—if you use them carefully and skillfully. Whether your goal is to inform, to persuade, to call for action, or to entertain, your words and your stories can be powerful. They can be powerful, because language is software for the mind

For the past few years, aside from corporate email speak, I have spent the majority of my time writing software for computers.  This has placed my writing, or software for the mind skills, a bit in the backseat.  Obviously, being well read, and practice writing are the keys to improvement; however, there are times when direct discussion about the topic itself proves helpful.  Below are a few resources that I have found in the past few months that maybe useful.

Happy Writing!

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