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Perl5 References 2010

I find Perl to be a great language to use for both small-scale one-liner type tasks and as well a for large-scale multi-file applications. However, I need reminders of its usage details every now and again. While I could read … Continue reading

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A Taste of Reservoir Algorithms

Imagine that you are the Chief Chocolate Inspector of a chocolate factory. Your job is to ensure that the days production of chocolate by the factory is of good quality. Only upon your recommendation will the factory be shipping out … Continue reading

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Pacific Biosciences Buzz

This was an interesting video about Pacific Biosciences (PacBio), a third-generation DNA sequencing company, that I recently came across in the Wall Street Journal.  It profiles their upcoming sequencing device, the PacBio RS, from a business perspective.

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The basic premise of genetic sequencing involves preparing a DNA sample into a form suitable for use on a DNA sequencer.  Afterwards, the sequencer ascertains the sequences of bases on the preapred sample and stores these results into a digital … Continue reading

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Bayes, Bayes, & Bayes

I have been going through a bit of a mathematical refresher lately. It has been a while in directly dealing with things of a probabilistic and statistical nature. In particular, I was reading up on Bayes’ Theorem and Bayesian inference. … Continue reading

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Writing Tips

I am a perpetual apprentice to the oft neglected and under appreciated art of writing well.  Words, either written or spoken, are the most powerful means of communication we have.  While images, animations, sounds, and music certainly have the ability … Continue reading

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Presidents Obama’s Nobel Prize Speech

On December 10 2009, President Obama gave his Nobel Prize acceptance speech at the Oslo City Hall.  He was the first sitting president to receive the prize since Woodrow Wilson.  The speech was interesting in how he juxtaposed the philosophical … Continue reading

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