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Perl5 References 2010

I find Perl to be a great language to use for both small-scale one-liner type tasks and as well a for large-scale multi-file applications. However, I need reminders of its usage details every now and again. While I could read … Continue reading

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A Taste of Reservoir Algorithms

Imagine that you are the Chief Chocolate Inspector of a chocolate factory. Your job is to ensure that the days production of chocolate by the factory is of good quality. Only upon your recommendation will the factory be shipping out … Continue reading

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The basic premise of genetic sequencing involves preparing a DNA sample into a form suitable for use on a DNA sequencer.  Afterwards, the sequencer ascertains the sequences of bases on the preapred sample and stores these results into a digital … Continue reading

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I recently came across these nice introductory presentations about Perl’s new object-oriented framework Moose. They are from a recent London’s Perl Mongers Group meeting. Elk: European Moose (aka Intro to Moose) This was a nice overview of the current state … Continue reading

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Nice LaTeX tutorials

I recently found these nifty cool introductory LaTeX tutorials: LaTeX Tutorial: A Primer by the The Indian TeX Users Group LaTeX Wikibook What is nice about these two books, is that they are not as API reference oriented as the … Continue reading

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Interesting Visualizations with GD

These are interesting visualization software links made via Perl and GD: Circos — Visualizing Genomic Data Schemaball — a flexible schema visualizer for SQL databases. What is more interesting is its usage of different fonts to “hide” the default usage … Continue reading

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Using vim as a word processor

I use vim when programming. However, there are some rare times when I also may use it as a regular word-processor for quick note taking. Alas, though, I tend to forget some basic commands to setup a proper text editing … Continue reading

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