A Gentle Overview of miRNA and Epigenetics

I recently came across some nifty overviews of topics that are of recent interest in genetics research.  The cool thing was, that they were in video form.  Being a TV addict, this was all too good to be true.


microRNAs, or (miRNA) are short stranded RNA molecules that are thought to regulate gene expression in the eukaryotic cell.  I’m sure things are a bit oversimplified in the following YouTube video, but nevertheless, it gives a high-level overview of what is going on.


Back in July 2007, NOVA‘s ScienceNOW program with Neil deGrasse Tyson, had an episode dealing with epigenetics. Epigenetics, as stated by wikipedia, refers to changes in phenotype (appearance) or gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence.  Unfortunately, I could not find a YouTube-like link of that episode to place directly in the blog post.  Please go here to view the show.

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The financial crisis: visualized

I thought these were a nice overviews of the financial crisis.  Too bad there are no similar nice overviews of a quick solution to the problem.

Hard to believe this first one below was a graduate student project.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis

This one is a web supplement to the NPR’s Marketplace show.

Toxic assets from Marketplace on Vimeo.

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Welcome again!

Welcome! I decided to migrate from my old blog site to here after noticing all the extra features provided by the more competitive WordPress.com and Blogger. Many of these features were not available (or at least observable) to me at LiveJournal. Also recent news
does not seem to bode well with expecting new upcoming features from LiveJournal.  Lets see how the blog evolves from here.

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Sequencing Zeitgeist

I was perusing Nature Biotechnology and came across that next generation DNA sequencing was Nature’s Method of the Year 2007. Okay, so I’m a little late to this link :-)… However, the links mentioned there are pretty nice and give a nice overview of the current state of the art in this area of biotechnology. Yet, progress waits for no one, third generation technology is coming up on the horizon. Time will tell how things play out.

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London.pm’s Moose Talks

I recently came across these nice introductory presentations about Perl’s new object-oriented framework Moose. They are from a recent London’s Perl Mongers Group meeting.

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AGBT 2009

I recently had the privilege to attend the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Conference (AGBT) earlier this month. I finally placed a copy of the poster I presented at AGBT on github. It was about The Genome Center’s automated process of submitting to the NCBI Short Read Archive (SRA).

A few colleagues from The Genome Center also had presentations and talks too. A couple of them are available for online viewing.

David Dooling has his presentation about Next Generation Informatics, and Dan Koboldt has his presentation about comparing various short read aligners.

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Kermit the Trend Setter

Seems like Kermit and Jim Henson had the notion of PowerPoint years beforehand, eh?

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